Announcing the 2020 Building Bridges Awards (BBA)

January 08, 2020 in Research

The Departments of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology are pleased to announce the 2nd annual request for applications for Building Bridges Awards (BBA) for Creating Research Partnerships. The partnerships may be in either of two categories:

1.          Partnerships between at least two faculty (DoP or Lab-Med) that bridge between the basic and clinical sciences. At least one faculty applicant must be at a junior level of appointment.

2.          Partnerships between at least one Laboratory Medicine and at least one Pathology faculty member (in any Division), one of whom should be at a junior level of appointment.

Applications will be funded at a level of $10,000 to $20,000 each. Four applications will be funded, with the potential for 2 more (6 total), depending on the quality and quantity of applications. Please see the details in the attached document.