Diagnostic Services

UW Medicine Pathology offers a full range of diagnostic services in anatomic and surgical pathology, autopsy service, and the following specialty areas: collagen diagnostics, cytogenetics, gastrointestinal/hepatic pathology, dermatopathology, electron microscopy, flow cytometry, HPV and cytology, histology, immunohistochemistry, bone and soft tissue, breast/GYN, neuropathology, and renal pathology. We provide a variety of timely and accurate diagnostic services by experienced and board-certified faculty and technical staff, offering a full range of expert consultative and clinical services.  The Department of Pathology examines over 87,000 anatomic pathology cases each year and serves as a reference lab for numerous hospitals and regional clinicians.

Requesting Antomic Pathology Services

Please see our Request Policies and Service Request Forms. Subspecialty specific information is available on the service and lab pages listed below.

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Online Laboratory Test Guide

Search clinical laboratory tests offered by the Department of Laboratory Medicine & Pathology in the Online Laboratory Test Guide (OTLG).

Diagnostic Services

UW Medical Center - Northwest (UWMC-NW)

On April 3, 2016, UW Medicine began providing anatomic pathology services for Northwest Hospital and clinics. 

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Center for Precision Diagnostics

The Center for Precision Diagnostics (CPDx) (Director Peter H. Byers, MD) brings together programs that use multiple tools to provide the highest level of detail in genetic alterations that lead to inherited disorders and some acquired conditions.  Housed in the Department of Pathology, the Center integrates strategies of array comparative genome hybridization (Array Laboratory, Director Yajuan Liu, PhD), routine DNA sequence (Collagen Diagnostic Laboratory, Director Peter H. Byers, MD), and whole exome sequence analysis (Northwest Clinical Genomics Laboratory, Director Michael O. Dorschner, PhD) into a single program.  These diagnostic approaches are designed to allow individuals, families, and their clinicians to understand basic disease processes in sufficient depth to enhance precise diagnosis and, as a result, to direct resources at therapy, genetic counseling in the family, and when needed, to transfer resources to research activities that can lead to new understanding of disease process.

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Requesting Research Services

Research Services are provided through the Pathology Research Services Core Facility, NW BioTrust/NW BioSpecimen. Click here to be redirected to our research services page.