HMC Digital Pathology Facility: Clinical Services


The HMC Digital Pathology Facility provides whole slide imaging services for clinical, research, and academic use. The Digital Pathology Facility is part of UW Medicine Hospital Pathology Laboratories and is based at Harborview Medical Center.

The HMC Digital Pathology Facility, a component of the UW Medicine Hospital Pathology Laboratories, is managed by Jonathan Henriksen, (, 206.221.5830).

Facilities and Equipment:  The HMC Digital Pathology Facility is located at the Harborview Ninth and Jefferson Building. The facility is equipped with an Aperio ScanScope AT2 digital whole slide scanner which creates diagnostic quality brightfield whole slide image scans at high continuous throughput with a 400 slide capacity. The scanner instrument is networked to two dedicated Dell PowerEdge R510 servers equipped with Aperio eSlide Manager server applications and Aperio Brightfield Toolbox image analysis software.  These servers each contain 15TB of direct-attached storage, and are hosted in the University of Washington enterprise class data center with automated nightly backups to two secure geodiverse locations.

Requesting Clinical Slide Scanning Services

There are many uses for digital images for clinical workflows, especially in creating efficiencies in material management and conference work.

To request whole slide scanning services to support clinical workflows, please complete the intake form linked below and send to Requests will be reviewed and new services will be on-boarded if approved, beginning with pilot projects, as the facility is capable.

  Clinical Digital Pathology Services Request Form

An initial pilot project will be selected and clinical slide scanning services will begin for a limited period of time. As the service matures and initial issues are resolved, scanning services in support of additional clinical workflows will increase.

Requesting Research and Academic Slide Scanning Services

Please see this page if you are interested in research and acadmic digital pathology services:

Research and Academic Slide Scanning