UW Pathology at Northwest Hospital

Licenses & Accreditation

NWH CAP Certification

Contacting your NWH Pathologists for Frozen or other needs:

Call the NWH Pathology Department pager @ 206-668-8200.  Request to speak to an On-call Pathologist and provide your name and number.

Please use 206-668-1779 for normal office/technician or supply requests for Pathology.

Other Contacts:

NWH Pathology Dept: 206-668-1779

UWMC Pathology Dept: 206-598-6400​

Lab Director: Dr. David Chhieng (dchhieng@uw.edu)

UW Pathology Faculty Directory: http://www.pathology.washington.edu/faculty

UW Pathology Staff Directory: http://www.pathology.washington.edu/staff/staff-directory

Other UWMC staff / faculty Directory: https://www.washington.edu/home/peopledir/