Welcome to the Risques Lab!

At the Risques lab we study the early steps of cancer progression and work on translating this knowledge into biomarkers for early cancer detection and prediction. We are especially interested in alterations that link cancer and aging including somatic mutation, telomere shortening, and mitochondrial dysfunction. We have developed and optimized genetic methods to quantify these alterations with high sensitivity with the ultimate goal of understanding early cancer progression and enabling cancer prediction and prevention.


  • October 2019: Welcome Charlotte An as our new lab member
  • September 2019: “Cancer associated mutations but no cancer” opinion article published in Trends in Cancer
  • July 2019: “TP53 mutations in normal tissue” article published in Cell Reports
  • July 2019: Welcome Gyn Onc fellow Talayeh Ghezelayagh
  • April 2019: Welcome M3D rotation student Madeleine Hart
  • December 2018: M3D graduate student Katie Baker defended her thesis and started a post-doctoral position at The Knight Cancer Institute’s Cancer Early Detection Advanced Research (CEDAR). CONGRATS Katie!
  • November 2018: Welcome visiting scientist Marjan Yaghmaie
  • November 2018: “Mitochondrial DNA mutations in ulcerative colitis” article published in Mol Cancer Research
  • September 2018: “CRISPR-DS” article published in Genome Research