The Young Lab


The Young lab is passionate about elucidating the molecular mechanisms behind Alzheimer’s disease pathogenesis with the hope that our work will lead to effective AD therapies. 


We use human induced pluripotent stem cell models to generate neurons, glia, and brain organoids to study:

  1. How dysfunction in endo-lysosomal pathways contribute to AD risk.
  2. How alterations in expression of epigentic regulators affect mitochondrial function in AD.
  3. How neurovascular cues influence AD cellular phenotypes.
  4. How commonly used medication in the elderly may impact neuronal health (colloboration with the Seattle ACT study)
  5. How to dissect sex differences and APOE genotypes in AD risk.

We are dedicated to fostering a diverse, inclusive and equitable environment for researchers of all stages in their career. We collaborate with local, national, and international research groups and host trainees from multiple countries, providing a rich and diverse scientific community.


Want to join our team? We’d love to hear from you! Contact Dr. Jessica Young at