Pathology Research Services Laboratory: Stains

The following are routine histologic stains offered by our lab.  Other stains are available, so if you don't see what you are looking for, please contact the lab at 206.543.5616.

Special Stains List*

Class I
Alcian blue PH 2.5
Alkaline Congo Red
Alizarin Red
Sudan Black B Method
Crystal Violet
Cresy Violet
Giemsa Method
Oil Red O
Perls Iron Stain
Toluidine Blue Stain
Class II
Feulgen Reaction
Trichrome (Masson, Gomori, Goldner)
Holzer's Method
Kinyoun Acid-Fast Stain
Mayer's Mucicarmine Stain
MGP (Methyl Green-Pyronin)
Mallory Aniline Blue
Mallory's Iron and Copper Stain
Orcinol - New Fuchsin
PAS (Periodic Acid Schiff)
Picro-Sirius Red
Rhodanine Method
Verhoeff's Stain
Von Kossa
Wright Stain
Class III
B&B (Brown and Brenn Method)
Gomori's Reticle Fiber Stain
LFB/PAS (Luxol Fast Blue/Periodic Acid Schiff)
Mallory's PTAH Stain
Modified Warthin-Starry Method
Safranin O Method
VVG (Verhoeff's Van-Gieson)
Class IV
Bodian's Method
Bielschowsky Method
Methenamine Silver Nitrate Technique (Gomori, Grocott)
Goromi's Periodic Acid-Methenamine Silver Method / Microwave Procedure
Holmes Silver Stain
Jones' Method
Movat Pentachrome Stain
Manuel's Reticulum Method
Wilder's Method
Class V
All Enzyme Histochemistry: NADH Diaphorase
ATPase(pH 4.3-4.5, 9.4-10.4)