Path Grand Rounds: What’s going in bone pathology: things we should all know

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Benjamin Hoch, MD
Associate Professor of Pathology
Interim Director of Anatomic Pathology
University of Washington

Date & Time

February 3, 2016 at 12:00pm - 1:00pm


UWMC, NE110 Conference Room


Why Attend?

“What’s going in bone pathology: things we should all know”

While bone pathology is often considered an obscure area of diagnostic pathology primarily due to inherent lack of experience, there is a number of issues within the field that can impact surgical pathologists. Pathologists continue to struggle with diagnosing pseudosarcomatous lesions of bone (and soft tissue). Recent molecular/cytogenetic abnormalities offer the promise of additional useful diagnostic information. Some emerging entities in bone pathology may be encountered by pathologists in general practice or in other subspecialty areas making exposure to them important in order to avoid diagnostic confusion. In addition, ever increasing health care economic pressures continue to fuel debate on the necessity of examination of bone specimens while at least in part ignoring the benefits to both patients and physicians. Recent analysis has shed more light on this ongoing debate in orthopaedic medicine.

After viewing this lecture, attendees should be able to:

1.  Identify key diagnostic pathologic features and understand the use of radiological correlation that allows separation of benign pseudosarcomatous lesions from true sarcomas

2.  Be aware of emerging bone pathology entities that may be encountered in general practice of by subspecialists in other fields of pathology

3.  Understand the clinical importance of pathological examination of bone pathology specimens.