Residency & Fellowship Programs: Alumni

The first official residency training class began January 1, 1959 and since then we have trained more than 480 residents and fellows who practice in the community and academic centers around the globe. Once you have completed your training and graduated from our program, we hope that you will stay connected with us. If you have any news items, job postings, or program suggestions, please contact our Residency Director.


Program News

Department of Pathology Seminars. Do you work near the UW campus? Are you planning a visit to the Seattle area? You are invited to attend our seminars and conferences. A current schedule is located on the Department of Pathology website.

  • UWMC Physician Liaison Program - establishes and promotes positive relationships between UW Medical Center, referring physicians and their staff particularly in the WWAMI region of Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana and Idaho.
  • ABP Maintenance of Certification Booklet Click here for an Adobe .pdf copy of the latest information from the American Board of Pathology
  • Networking with your UW colleagues. The Departments of Laboratory Medicine & Pathology maintains a directory of it's clinical and research faculty here.


In early June each year we celebrate the graduation of residents and fellows from our training program. Our graduates pursue a variety of career paths, including subspecialty training, biomedical research, community practice and academic medicine. Would you like to see where our graduates have gone for the past five years? Click here.

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Verifications and Updates


Updating your credentials? Changing jobs? Just moving?
Verifications are handled promptly by contacting:, Academic Programs Manager
Pathology Residency Program
University of Washington
Box 357470, 1959 NE Pacific St.
Seattle, WA 98195-7470
Phone: 206.685.1624 FAX: 206.543.3644


Proof of Liability Insurance

Graduates of our programs should direct their future employers to request proof of laibility insurance and claims history to the UW Risk Services website


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