Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI)

Welcome to the Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) page! We've gathered resources to support your inclusion efforts and anti-racism work.

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The Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology (DLMP) is committed to fostering a diverse community that is encouraging, inclusive, and welcoming to all. This is reflected in efforts to increase the recruitment, retention, and advancement of individuals from underrepresented groups and to promote an inclusive environment across the Department. DLMP recognizes the importance of role models among the faculty, students, and staff in recruitment to our community, advancement, and promotion.

DLMP also recognizes the systemic racism and oppression of marginalized groups present in our communities and we are committed to dedicate efforts to eliminate inequities in health, education, and research and to restore justice to our system. A diverse and equitable scientific and clinical workforce will enrich the intellectual environment and the quality of our programs by promoting scientific advances, improved healthcare outcomes, and exemplary training opportunities. To this end, increasing diversity, promoting inclusion and equity, and providing JEDI education and training are high priorities for the DLMP.

Priority Areas and Goals

Diversity and Justice
Our goal is to create a more diverse department by broadening the pool of underrepresented faculty, staff, trainees, and students that apply to positions and programs, and by supporting outreach efforts to engage undergraduates and members of the greater community in STEM and healthcare careers.

Inclusion and Equity
Our goal is to increase inclusion and equity in the DLMP by building a community in which all groups historically excluded feel a sense of belonging and providing support tools to all individuals via mentoring and access to resources.

JEDI Education and Communication
Our goal is to build a department rooted in the values of justice and equity by providing JEDI education to our DLMP community in multiple forms including seminars, courses, and newsletters and by collaborating with other SOM/UW departments to dismantle the inequities in our system and create a culture of respect and inclusion at all levels within our institution.

JEDI Committee Members

  • Anshu Bandhlish, MD; Clinical Instructor
  • Joel Berletch, PhD; Research Assistant Professor
  • Heather Eggleston, Manager of Academic Services
  • Kim Garner, Associate Director
  • Emily Glynn, MD; Assistant Professor
  • Kareem Hosny, MD, MPH; Assistant Professor
  • Nicole Jackson, MD, MPH, FASCP; Assistant Professor, Committee Chair
  • Shyanne King, M3D PhD Student
  • Fabienne Lucas, MD, PhD; Assistant Professor, Committee Vice Chair
  • William M. Mahoney, Jr., PhD; Associate Professor
  • Swati Mishra, PhD; Acting Instructor
  • Kelly Phan, Program Operations Specialist
  • Deepti Reddi, MD; Acting Assistant Professor
  • Anna Scott, PhD, FACMG; Assistant Professor
  • Rebecca Treger, MD, PhD; Assistant Professor
  • Funda Vakar-Lopez, MD, Clinical Associate Professor
  • Bitania Wondimu, MD; Resident