Client & Patient Services

This page is maintained by DLMP Client Support Services (CSS) to provide the information and resources most often requested by clients and patients.

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Access to Test Results

UW Laboratory Medicine can provide ways to access your test results. Call CSS at 206.520.4600 or 800.713.5198.

Herpes Western Blot (HSWB) Testing Information

See our Herpes Western Blot Test (HSWB) Testing Information Packet. To request a HSWB testing kit, please fill out the HSWB testing kit request form, or contact CSS at 206.520.4600 or 800.713.5198. 


Please use the contacts below for the following services:

  • Lab results (fax and email)
  • Specimen collection and shipping information
  • Test pricing and CPT codes
  • Lab locations and hours of operation
  • Requests and inquires for additional testing
  • Specimen problem resolution

Phone Support, 24/7: 206.520.4600 / 800.713.5198
Fax: 206.520.4903, 206.520.4642 (After 6pm & weekend faxes send to 206.598.6304)
Location: Northgate Office Building STE 400
Office Hours: 24/7

Email: (All email will be answered within 24 hours, M-F)

Fax machine monitored M-F 6am to 6pm. Email received prior to 8pm M-F will be answered within 24 hours. For urgent matters please contact Client Support Services by phone.

Our Laboratory Services

For information about specimen collection and shipping information, please see Using Our Laboratory Services.