Basic Biology of Aging: Regulation of aging through epigenetic pathways

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WeiWei Dang, PhD
Assistant Professor, CPRIT Scholar for Cancer Research
Baylor College of Medicine

Date & Time

May 31, 2016 at 2:30pm - 3:30pm


Foege N-130


Why Attend?

Regulation of aging through epigenentic pathways

My research focuses on how chromatin and epigenetic pathways are involved in regulation of aging and age-related diseases. I use the budding yeast replicative aging as a model to determine how various histone modifications change during aging and how epigenetic regulators regulate longevity through chromatin re­modeling. I have developed an innovative and high throughput longevity screen method based on old cell sorting and barcode sequencing. From a longevity screen of histone mutant library, we identified a novel and likely conserved ag­ing regulation pathway – suppression of intragenic cryptic transcription. We are also investigating how epigenetic regulators themselves, such as Sir2, are altered during aging. We found that Sir2 is degraded during aging and its degradation is mediated by HSP70 and vacuole via a mechanism similar to mammalian chaperone mediated autophagy.

The Basic Biology of Aging seminar series is sponsored by The Nathan Shock Center of Excellence in the Basic Biology of Aging, the Genetic Approaches to Aging Training Grant, and the UW Healthy Aging and Longevity (HALo) Research Institute. The seminar features guest speakers presenting the latest research in the basic biology of aging.