Melanie J. Shears, PhD

Research Assistant Professor

Melanie J. Shears, PhD


She, her


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Office Location:

SLU - Room F870

Mailing Address:

Box 358071
750 Republican Street
Seattle WA 98109

Clinical and Research Background

Dr. Shears is a malaria specialist with extensive pre-clinical research experience. Dr. Shears completed her PhD at the University of Melbourne in Australia before moving to the US to do her postdoctoral training at Johns Hopkins University. She initially joined the University of Washington as a staff scientist working with Dr. Sean C. Murphy, where she spearheaded the team’s nonhuman primate malaria research program. Dr. Shears was since promoted to research faculty, and she continues to work closely with Dr. Murphy while cultivating her own independent research program spanning parasite biology, vaccines, and immunology.

Dr. Shears is committed to the goal of eradicating malaria. Her overarching goal is to undertake translationally relevant research in nonhuman primates to directly inform development of the next generation of malaria vaccines and therapeutics.

Research Interests

Malaria, vaccines, immunology, nonhuman primates

Academic and Medical Appointments

Acting Instructor, Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology, 2020-2024

Education and Training

Postdoctoral training, Johns Hopkins University, US (2015-2018)

PhD, University of Melbourne, Australia (2011-2015)

Summer Research Internship, Australian National University, Australia (2010-2011)

Honours Degree, University of Melbourne, Australia (2010)

Bachelor of Science, University of Melbourne, Australia (2005-2008)


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