Hematopathologic Diagnostic Pathway

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Evaluate for Heme Disorder

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Hematopathologic Diagnostic Pathway


Morphology, Flow Cytometry, Cytogenetics and Molecular testing are reflexively performed on the specimen, according to the Pathways Algorithm Diagrams established and maintained by the leadership of the performing labs and corresponding clinical teams.

For questions about the Pathways/EVALHD algorithms, please contact hppathways@uw.edu.


Bone Marrow, Cytogenetics, EVALHD, Evaluate for Heme Disorder, Flow Cytometry, HDP, Immunophenotyping, Molecular, Morphology, Pathways, Surface Marker Profile (SMP)


Code Name
EHDSP Eval Heme Disorder Specimen
EHDTYP Eval Heme Disorder Type
EHDSTA Eval Heme Disorder Status
EHDRPT Eval for Heme Disorder Report



Morphology, Flow cytometry, Cytogenetics, Molecular studies

Reference Range

See individual components


Ordering & Collection

Specimen Type

Peripheral Blood (PB), Bone Marrow (BNM), Tissue, Cerebrospinal fuild, Body fluids



Blood: 6 ml in Lavender top EDTA (FLOW) AND 10 mL in Green top Heparin (CYTOGENETICS) AND 6 mL in Lavender top EDTA (MOLECULAR) tubes.

Heparin tube should be routed directly to the appropriate Cytogenetics lab (FHCC or UW).


Bone marrow: 2 mL in EDTA (from 1st pull, to be sent for FLOW testing) AND 3 mL in Heparin (CYTOGENETICS) AND 3 mL in EDTA (from later pull, to be sent for MOLECULAR testing)

Inpatient bone marrows must be scheduled with the Hematology laboratory by calling 206 598-6229 (UW); 206 744-3128 (HMC). Please call for all Marrows, including procedures where assistance is not needed.

Heparin tube should be routed directly to the appropriate Cytogenetics lab (FHCC or UW).


Tissue: 1-3 core needle biopsies for MORPHOLOGY in formalin AND 1-3 core needle biopsies for FLOW CYTOMETRY in RPMI


CSF: CSF collection tubes (from 1 of 4 pulls)


Fluid: All body fluid types

Also Acceptable:

Blood: 3 mL or 10 mL EDTA (FLOW and MOLECULAR) AND 3 mL Lithium or Sodium Heparin (CYTOGENETICS).

Heparin tube should be routed directly to the appropriate Cytogenetics lab (FHCC or UW).

Handling Instructions

Tissue, CSF, or fluid samples should be transported to Lab refrigerated. Optimal results are achieved when samples are received within: 48 hours of collection for peripheral blood; 24 hours of collection for bone marrows; Samples submitted outside of this range will be evaluated for quality using appropriate internal controls and the results qualified appropriately.


requested: Entire sample
minimum: None


Storage: Blood & Bone Marrow at Room Temperature, CSF, Tissue & FLUID in Refrigerator.

Login: EVALHD-;specimen type and comment.

Result test code: EHDSP with specimen type received (eg. BMA, BMBX, PERBLD, CSF, PLFL, ASCT, etc.)

Result test code: EHDTYP with Disorder Type provided. Leave blank, if not provided (DO NOT use INP)

Result test code: EHDSTA with Disorder Status. Leave blank, if not provided (DO NOT use INP)

***Provide extra labels and copies of requisition orders to Hematopathology/Molecular Hematopathology Lab***

Note: If specimen arrives after 6:30PM Monday-Sunday forward to Hematopath the following day.

Note2: RPMI media may be added to CSF or fluid specimens for optimal viability. Otherwise, Hematology/Hematopathology lab will add RPMI media to CSF upon receipt.

Note3: All samples to UW Cytogenetics, call the lab (206-598-4488) for pick-up. For Bone Marrows: send all requisitions provided by the Bone Marrow Techs, as indicated by a UWMC Cytogenetics sticker on the EVALHD requisition form.

Note4:All tissue samples should be routed to the Hematopathology Lab


LIS Dept Code

Hematopathology (HP)

Performing Location(s)

Other Hematopathology, Molecular

UW Hematopathology Laboratory, G7-800
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center
825 Eastlake Avenue E.
Seattle, WA 98109

Other Locations/Notes

Hematopathology Lab @ FHCC Room G7800 206-606-7060

Molecular Hematopathology Lab @ FHCC Room G7801 206-606-7070

UW-MT Cytogenetics Lab @ UW-MT Room NW125 206-598-4488

FHCC Cytogenetics Lab @ Blaine Lab, Suite 250 206-606-1395

Pathways Team @ FHCC Room G7800 206-606-1695


Monday - Sunday

Available STAT?

On request

Billing & Coding

CPT codes

Billing Comments

CPT codes will reflect reflexive testing performed as indicated by Pathways