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Pathology Time Schedule

PATH450 - Cell Biology of Aging
Course Director: Martin, Rabinovitch, Wolf
Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.
Quarters Offered: W
Credits: 3
Pathophysiology of aging at cell and tissue levels (cell replication limits, telomere shortening, accrual of oxidative damage, caloric restriction effects, loss of postreplicative cells, longevity assurance genes). Proseminar based on student participation. Undergraduate honors students, graduate students with biology, zoology, genetics or medical sciences back grounds.
PATH498 - Undergraduate Thesis
Course Director: Varies
Quarters Offered: Elective
PATH499 - Undergraduate Research
Course Director: Varies
Quarters Offered: Elective
PATH544 - General and Systemic Pathology
Course Director: Narayanan
Prerequisite: 1st year dental students and graduate students; non-dental students need permission of instructor, requires reasonable grounding in biological and chemical sciences
Quarters Offered: W (3 hours, Basic Pathology); Sp (2 hours, Systemic Pathology)
Credits: 2-3, max 5
Basic pathologic processes that underlie disease, including cell alterations, genetic and developmental pathology, environmental pathology, neoplasia, immunopathology, inflammation, infection, and systemic diseases. Correlates gross, functional, and biochemical alterations.
PATH560 - Molecular Analysis of Human Disease
Course Director: Varies
Prerequisite: medical, graduate, or professional standing and permission of instructor
Quarters Offered: Currently not offered.
Credits: *, max 10
Review and discussion of contemporary research on molecular basis of human disease. Focus on mutational mechanisms, genetic instability, AIDS, and cancer. Students participate in weekly group discussion and work with faculty to select, develop, and present discussion topic.