Training Grant Programs: Biological Mechanisms of Healthy Aging Training Grant

Program Description

Director: Jessica Young, PhD

The past two decades have seen major advances in understanding the basic mechanisms of biological aging. Simultaneously, there has been a rapidly growing appreciation of the importance of these mechanisms in human health and disease, which has been conceptualized by the term “geroscience”. This term refers to the research approach that seeks to understand this fundamental relationship between aging and disease. With the rapid expansion in knowledge and interest in this field, there is a great, unmet need to train the next generation of scientific leaders at the interface of fundamental mechanisms of biological aging and clinically relevant age-related disease. This is the guiding principle of the Biological Mechanisms of Healthy Aging (BMHA) Training Program. This goals of the BMHA training program are to provide outstanding trainees at the University of Washington with (1) rigorous training in cutting edge research focused on biological mechanisms of healthy aging, (2) exposure to, and the ability to critically evaluate, the breadth of knowledge, concepts, and approaches important in the field, and (3) the mentoring and skill sets necessary to achieve career success and become future scientific leaders..

Please visit the Biological Mechanisms of Healthy Aging Training website for more information.