Earl P. Benditt Endowed Lectureship: Protein Damage: Biological Consequences and Role in Disease Pathogenesis

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Miroslav Radman, PhD
Founder and Research Director, Mediterranean Institute for Life Sciences, Split, Croatia
Professor Emeritus, University of Paris - R. Descartes Medical School, Paris, France

Faculty Sponsor

Larry Loeb, MD, PhD and Ray Monnat, MD

Date & Time

October 7, 2015 at 4:30pm - 5:30pm


Health Sciences Building, T-739


Why Attend?

Protein Damage: Biological Consequences and Role in Disease Pathogenesis

We recently found that oxidative damage to proteins can cause both reversible as well as long-lived phenotypic consequences, and that irreversible forms of radiation-induced oxidative damage to proteins such as carbonylation are a better predictor of cell survival than is radiation-induced DNA damage. We have also found evidence that protein polymorphisms may sensitize some proteins and individuals to oxidative protein damage. I will present and discuss these results, and propose the concept that aging and age-related diseases may represent the outcome of progressive, accumulating proteome damage. I will also speculate on how this idea may provide new ways to prevent or reverse aging and age-associated disease.

The Earl P. Benditt Endowed Lectureship is a special lecture dedicated to the memory and scientific legacy of Earl P. Benditt, M.D., UW Medicine Pathology Professor and Chair, 1957-1981