Immunohistochemistry Laboratory

Procedures Performed

  • Immunohistochemistry (IHC) - Antibodies list
  • Immunofluorescence (IF)
    • Direct
      • Skin Biopsies
      • Oral Path Specimens
      • Renal Transplant
      • Cardiac Transplant
  • In-Situ Hybridization
    • EBV
  • Fluorescent In-Situ Hybridization
    • FISH  H2N = Her-2 Neu  FISH
    • EWS FISH
    • SYN FISH
    • FUS FISH
    • Alk FISH
    • MDM2 FISH

Service Request Forms

A completed service request form is required:

  • IHC Service Request Form (non-slides or blocks)
  • General Slide Review and Consult Request Form (slides, blocks or renal vials)

Please download the request forms from this page:

Pathology Service Request Forms

Specimen Transport

IHC Laboratory Specimen Transport Requirements

Immunohistochemistry Personnel

Farinaz Shokri,
Clinical Laboratory Supervisor
Division of IHC and Harborview Medical Center Histology

Phone: 206.897.5479

IHC Laboratory Staff (UW Medical Center - Montlake)
Phone: 206.598.4202

IHC Laboratory Staff (Harborview)
: 206.744.3146