Biomarkers for Alzheimer and Parkinson diseases

Accurate, sensitive quantification of protein-based targets, often in highly complex samples, is a major challenge in developing biomarkers for neurodegenerative diseases. We are addressing this need using 1) Proteomic profiling to identify candidates; 2) Candidate validation by using immunoassays and mass spectrometry (MS)-based assays, 3) MicroRNA profiling and validation. Further, the quantitative assays we are developing are amenable to multi-plexing, allowing the simultaneous quantification of peptides from multiple disease-related proteins. This flexibility can be adapted to better distinguish related diseases, and monitor the state of the brain with better resolution. We are also adapting these assays to easily accessible biofluids, such as blood plasma, to allow non-invasive testing for patients.

Figure: Select methods to quantify relative expression of protein biomarker candidates. 

(from Cilento et al, J Neurochem 2019, 151: 397)