PATH 688

Course Director: Dhesi
Prerequisite: 3rd or 4th year student standing
Quarters Offered: Autumn, winter, spring, summer 
Rotation Length: 4 weeks
Credits: 8, max. 24)

To enquire about the status of the time frame you are interested in, and for permission to register please contact:
Alisa Ulrich-Herrera

Please note: medical students who are interested must request for the clerkship at least 120 days in advance due to onboarding requirements

The clerkship is to provide an introduction to the practice of pathology in a general hospital. The standard rotation places the clerk with residents in surgical and possibly autopsy pathology. The clerk first observes and then takes part in the actual examination, description, dissection, and diagnosis of surgical tissues. If available during the clerkship, the clerk should complete at least one full autopsy under supervision. Full attendance at all academic conferences, slide conferences, clinical pathology conferences, and other departmental teaching conferences is expected. Clerks present surgical specimen findings, prepare for conferences, and will be called upon to give opinions and participate in all discussions. Reading and an inquisitive nature are required to maximize the value of the rotation. All of this is accomplished in a cordial atmosphere with hands-on guidance. Most clerks will spend 3-5 days on Clinical Pathology to provide exposure to other areas of Pathology, such as hematology, transfusion medicine, clinical chemistry and microbiology. The length of the rotation may be altered.