Typical RTS Process

  1. Investigator submits the Pricing Inquiry Form electronically to obtain test or service costs.​
  2. RTS fills in the price(s), signs, and returns the Pricing Inquiry Form to the investigator.​
  3. Investigator submits the Application Form electronically (via email) to begin study set up.​
  4. RTS processes the application.​
  5. As part of final set up, RTS sends an email to the study PI for final approval of the study terms.​
  6. Upon agreement of the study terms by the PI, a custom requisition is issued for the study and testing/services can begin. A paper requisition is required for each sample submitted.​
  7. Results are sent via email.​
  8. A monthly invoice is sent via campus mail.

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Investigators wishing to obtain research pricing need to submit a Pricing Inquiry Form.

RTS will provide pricing information to the investigator typically within 1-2 weeks.

Please Note

  • Costs for conducting tests are periodically reviewed and updated, so test costs could change.
  • Test methodologies/instrumentation could change without notice, which could also result in a change to cost.

Study Set Up

  • To initiate account set up, Investigators should submit an Application Form electronically (via email) to rts@uw.edu
  • Allow 4-6 weeks for RTS to set up an account that will enable appropriate tracking of that service and billing (may be longer for more complex studies).
  • To find out what tube types and blood volumes are necessary of specific tests, refer to the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology Online Test Guide
  • The ability to test animal samples will depend upon the test requested

Important: Please check your application for correctness before it is submitted. After the application is submitted to RTS, changes or modifications to an existing application will require additional processing time, and will not be prioritized over new applications. Essentially, your application will be attended to in order of all requests made.

Sample Submission

RTS provides paper Requisition Forms that must accompany ​all samples delivered to the Dept. of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology for​ phlebotomy, processing, or testing.​

For batch sample testing, during the preparation of the RTS​ Application Form, the investigator will arrange with RTS:​

  • The number of samples to be delivered at one time (batch size) to the laboratory
  • The logistics of sample drop-off
  • The frequency of testing and/or resulting
  • The delivery mode for test results


  • Results are sent via email typically within 24 hours of collection, excluding weekends and holidays.​
  • RTS test results will not be entered into the patient electronic medical record and will not be available in the same time frame as clinical patient results. Consequently, investigators must accept the responsibility for receiving and notifying participants of any abnormal or significantly abnormal results.​
  • STAT processing or testing is not available through RTS.​
  • When samples are tested through RTS, they are considered to be research samples, and therefore do not have the same priority as clinical samples (ordered by medical providers for clinical management). RTS samples are included in clinical “runs” on a space-available basis or run in extra batches. Batched samples may require special arrangements with the testing laboratory because extra “runs” that would not otherwise be conducted may be necessary to produce the results requested. In this case, a specific time frame for producing results will be agreed upon between the Investigator and RTS.​
  • Individual laboratories may decide to make instrumentation, vendor, and/or other technical changes that could affect the results reported to you. These changes could also affect the cost of the testing.​


The investigator’s budget is billed monthly to the billing identifier provided on the Application. For billing questions and concerns, email RTS at rts@uw.edu.

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