What RTS Offers

Phlebotomy Services

  • RTS provides phlebotomy service to outpatients.
  • Hospitalized patients can only have research labs drawn if they are concurrently undergoing a blood draw for clinical laboratory testing (to be conducted at UW Clinical Laboratories).
  • Research study subjects may have their blood drawn at these outpatient blood draw locations. In instances where subjects are concurrently having blood drawn for clinical testing at UW Clinical Laboratories, there is no additional fee for drawing extra tubes of blood. However, if only research study blood is being drawn at any visit, a phlebotomy fee will apply. In either case, a RTS requisition form will be needed to have study blood tubes drawn.

Processing and Storage

  • RTS provides processing and storage of research samples for Investigator pick up. 
  • Our Standard Blood Processing Procedure provides details on centrifuge speeds and times, freezer storage temperature options, and aliquoting options. If you have a special request that deviates from this procedure, contact RTS to determine if the Laboratory will be able to provide this service for you.
  • Storage of research samples is available for up to 2 weeks. For sample pick up, we use an electronic appointment booking system. Instructions for using the online appointment system will be sent after the account set up process is complete.
  • Special processing and long term freezer storage is available upon request. Contact RTS for more information.

Find a Laboratory Test

Laboratory tests offered clinically

Research Tests Not Offered in the Online Test Guide

RTS offers some tests not listed in the Online Test Guide (not CLIA-certified). Requests for these tests must be arranged individually through RTS.

The following are examples of tests offered for research only (not clinically):

  • Vitamin B1
  • Prothrombin Fragments
  • Thrombin Antithrombin
  • PIVKA Assay
  • tPA Activity and Antigen
  • PAI Antigen
  • P-Selectin
  • E-Selectin
  • FGF-23

Other tests may also be available, to inquire contact RTS (rts@uw.edu).