Breast Pathology


Mark Kilgore, MD

Associate Professor | Director, Breast Pathology | Director, DLMP Residency Program | Director, Gross and Frozen Room Laboratories

Rebeca Alvarez, MD, MSPH

Assistant Professor | Director, Breast & Gynecologic Pathology Fellowship

Ayumi Corn, MD

Ayumi Corn, MD

Clinical Instructor

Elizabeth U. Parker, MD

Assistant Professor | Associate Program Director Pathology Residency

Daniel J. Reiter, MD

Daniel J. Reiter, MD

Acting Instructor

Christina Isacson, MD

Clinical Professor

Charles Childers, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor

An accurate diagnosis is critical to establishing an effective treatment plan for patients. Nowhere is this more apparent than in breast pathology today. With treatment protocols for breast cancer dependent upon specific characteristics demonstrating the expression of hormone receptors and the Her2 oncoprotein, it is imperative that an accurate pathology-based work-up of breast cancer is provided to help decide appropriate treatment options.  Additionally we understand the patient anxiety related to waiting for a pathology result and have a goal of rapid turnaround times to limit this time of uncertainty.

UW Medicine Breast Pathology Service

Our specialized breast pathology service is separate from our general pathology service to ensure each case is handled by a dedicated breast pathologist.  Under the leadership of Mark Kilgore, MD, Director of UW Medicine Breast Pathology, our faculty are committed to providing outstanding diagnostic specialty medical care to the community, promoting knowledge through clinical research, and preparing tomorrow's physicians, scientists and other health professionals.  

The breast pathology team includes faculty members Drs. Suzy Dintzis, Mara Rendi, Rochelle Garcia, and Mark Kilgore, all of whom have sub-specialty expertise in breast pathology, participate in bi-weekly multidisciplinary breast tumor boards with our surgeons, medical oncologists, radiologists, and radiation oncologists, and are actively involved in research in breast and gynecologic pathology.

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