Brad T. Cookson, MD, PhD

Division Head, Clinical Microbiology | Director, Molecular and Next-Gen Microbiology Lab | Co-Director, Clinical Microbiology Fellowship

Lori A. Bourassa, PhD, MPH, D(ABMM)

Assistant Professor
Assistant Director, Clinical Microbiology | Co-Director, Clinical Microbiology Fellowship

Andrew B. B. Bryan, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor
Medical Director, University of Washington Medical Center - Northwest Campus Clinical Laboratory | Assistant Director, Division of Clinical Microbiology

Stephen J. Libby, PhD

Research Associate Professor

Joshua A. Lieberman, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor
Assistant Director, Molecular Diagnosis, Microbiology Section

Sean C. Murphy, MD, PhD

Associate Professor

Melanie J. Shears, PhD

Acting Instructor

Karen G. Stephens, PhD

Professor Emeritus

The clinical microbiology division has laboratories located at the University of Washington Medical Center (UWMC) and Harborview Medical Center (HMC). The division provides a wide range of diagnostics services in bacteriology, parasitology, mycology, mycobacteriology and molecular diagnosis. The division employs over 70 full and part time medical laboratory scientists, technicians, administrative support staff and faculty.


The Clinical Microbiology Division participates in training programs for undergraduate medical laboratory science students, Laboratory Medicine Master of Science students, medical students, clinical pathology residents and infectious diseases fellows. In addition, the division administers a CPEP-accredited postdoctoral training program in medical and public health laboratory microbiology. Please see the Education section for more information on these programs.


The clinical microbiology division supports numerous lines of research. For more information, see entries for individual faculty.

Susceptibility Testing and Antibiograms

The clinical microbiology division creates and provides annual antibiograms for HMC and UWMC, which can be found by visiting the Antibiograms and Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing Information guideline.


University of Washington Clinical Microbiology Lab

Room NW177
Tel: 206.598.6147
Hours: 24 hours daily
For clinical consultations, page our Microbiology Fellow on-call at 206.598.6190.

Harborview Medical Center Clinical Microbiology Lab

Room GWH 47
Tel: 206.744.5858
Hours: 6am-11:30pm daily
After Hours: Samples accepted at Specimen Processing Services

USPS and Courier

Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology
1959 NE Pacific Street, Room NW120
Seattle, WA 98195-7110
Tel: 206.598.6131
Fax: 206.598.6189
M-F 8am-5pm

Supervisory Staff

UWMC Microbiology Lab 206.598.6147

Heather Berger, Health Sciences Manager (Interim)
Sarah Jensen, Health Sciences Manager
Elizabeth Bauerle, Lead
Lauren Curtis, Lead

HMC Microbiology Lab 206.744.5858

Simine Asgarinia, Health Sciences Manager
Jason Matsumoto, Lead

Cheryl McMillan, Lead
Carolyn Wallis, Lead