Neuromuscular Diagnostic Service

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Our comprehensive neuromuscular diagnostic service provides:

Harborview Medical Center
in the Ninth & Jefferson Bldg

Neuromuscular Pathology Section Head
UW  Medical Center - Montlake & Harborview Histology Laboratory Section Director
Luis Gonzalez Cuyar, MD

Pathology Requests and Reports
t 206.744.6315
f 206.744.8240
  • Morphological and histochemical analysis including H&E, Gomori's trichrome, PAS, muscle specific ATP, COX, SDH, PFK, and AMPD among others.

  • Immunohistochemical analysis for the most common defects in sarcolemmal proteins associated with Becker and Duchene muscular dystrophies, autosomal dominant and autosomal recessive limb girdle dystrophies, dystroglycanopathies, and myofibrillar myopathies.

  • Thick section evaluation with electron microscopy examination.

  • Nerve biopsies:  Complete morphological, histochemical, immunohistochemical nerve biopsy evaluation including electron microscopy and nerve teasing studies.

  • Available to ship snap frozen specimen for various genetic and biochemical assays.

Please send the specimen to us with a completed Neuropathology Service Request Form, clinical history, and prior neuropathology reports as available.  


Handling and Shipping Instructions