Neuropathology: Clinical Services

Diagnostic Services

UW Medicine - Neuropathology
located on Harborview Medical Center campus in Seattle, WA

Pathology Requests & Reports
   t 206.744.6315, f 206.744.8240

Neuropathology Director
   C. Dirk Keene, MD, PhD

Neuromuscular Pathology Section Head,
UW Medical Center - Montlake & Harborview  Histology Laboratory
Section Director

Luis Gonzalez Cuyar, MD

UW Neuropathology is responsible for the diagnosis of all surgical and autopsy specimens of the central and peripheral nervous system, skeletal muscles, and eyes & orbits.

Through the Neuropathology Reference Lab we offer a full complement of expert consultative services in diagnostic neuropathology. Areas of expertise include: neurosurgical pathology, skeletal muscle biopsies, peripheral nerve biopsies, ocular pathology, and neurodegenerative disorders. In addition to consultative diagnostic services, the Neuropathology Division assists a large number of scientists in the preparation, histochemical and immunohistochemical staining, and analysis of tissue from experimental models of neurological disease.

Referrals & Consultations/Second Opinions

Please send the specimen to us with a completed Neuropathology Service Request Form, clinical history, and prior neuropathology reports as available.


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Surgical, brain and spinal cord

Neuromuscular pathology (skeletal muscle and peripheral nerve)

Ophthalmic pathology

Brain autopsy

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