Annual Alvord Lecture in Neuropathology


The Alvord Lecture in Neuropathology honors the scientific and clinical legacy of Professor Emeritus Ellsworth "Buster" Alvord, MD, as an important pioneer in the field of neuropathology.  Dr. Alvord served as Chief of Neuropathology at University of Washington from 1960 to 2002.

  • Ellsworth Alvord, MD
    Emeritus Professor

  • Cheng-Mei Shaw, MD
    Emeritus Professor



(date tbd)

15th Annual Alvord Lecture in Neuropathology



Special Guest Speaker:

William Seeley, MD, PhD

University of California San Francisco

Weill Institute for Neurosciences


Past Speakers
  • 2018: Andrey Shaw, MD, Genentech Staff Scientist, South San Francisco, CA.  "Imaging approaches to understand the role of CD2AP in kidney and Alzheimer's Disease"
  • 2015: David Louis, MD, Benjamin Castleman Professor of Pathology, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA.  "Crossing the Second Translational "Valley of Death": Implementing Molecular Parameters in the World Health Organization Classification of CNS Tumors"
  • 2014: Bradley Hyman, MD, PhD, Professor of Neurology, Harvard University; Director, Massachusetts Alzheimer's Disease Research Center & Co-Director, MGH Memory Disorders Unit.
  • 2013: Steven Moore, MD, PhD, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA.  "Neuropathology of the dystroglycanopathies: muscular dystrophy, developmental brain abnormalities and peripheral neuropathy"
  • 2012: Hannah Kinney, MD, Harvard School of Medicine, Boston, MA.  "Neuropathology of SIDS:  Reflections in Honor of Dr. Ellsworth 'Buster' Alvord"
  • 2011: Robert Burke, MD, Columbia University, New York, NY. "Axon degeneration: A neglected therapeutic target in Parkinson's Disease"
  • 2010: Alexander R.A. Anderson, PhD, H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute, Tampa, FL "The ecology and evolution of cancer progression"
  • 2009: Bernardino Ghetti, MD, Indiana University, Indianapolis, IN.  "Deciphering the hereditary prion protein amyloidoses"
  • 2008: Arie Perry, MD, Washington University, St. Louis, MO.  "Molecular Diagnostics of Gliomas"
  • 2007: Jean Paul Vonsattel, MD, Columbia University, New York, NY.  "Chorea vs. Parkinsonism: The Search for Primary Centers of Degeneration"
  • 2006: Harry Vinters, MD, University of California Los Angeles, CA.  "Neurovascular dementia: How abnormalities of cerebral blood vessels and brain parenchyma complete"
  • 2004: John Rubenstein, MD, PhD, University of California San Francisco, CA.  "Patterning of Cortical Regions and Connections"
  • 2004: Samuel Ludwin, MD, Queen's University Kingston General Hospital, Kingston, Ontario, Canada.  "Studies in the Pathology and Pathogenesis of Multiple Sclerosis"
  • 2003: Peter Burger, MD, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD.  “Oligodendrogliomas and Mixed Gliomas: An Epidemic”