Research Testing


Testing for cytogenetic and genomic abnormalities for research purposes are offered at reasonable rates. Call 206.598.4488 for more information.

Specimen types

Testing can be performed on the same tissue types as for clinical testing.

See Sample Collection Instructions

In addition, we can test established cell lines (e.g. human and mouse ES or iPS cell lines, LCL or fibroblast cell lines, rat or rhesus monkey cell lines).

Please inquire (206.598.4488) about karyotype analyses in species other than mouse, rat, or rhesus monkey.

Test types

Available testing options include:

  • G-banded chromosome analysis or karyotyping detects imbalances in the genome (aneuploidy, deletions, or duplications) at low resolution. This test can detect balanced rearrangements and distinguish free from translocation-associated trisomy.
  • Cytogenomic Microarray Analysis (CMA) detects imbalances in the human genome (copy number changes due to aneuploidy, deletions, or duplications) and genomic regions of homozygosity (copy neutral absence of heterozygosity) at high resolution. This test does not detect balanced rearrangements.
    NOTE: CMA is currently only offered for human specimens. 
  • FISH for specific genes or chromosomal regions. Call 206.598.4488 for probe availability.
  • Grow cell cultures for sendout testing: Cell cultures can be established in our laboratory and sent elsewhere for other types of testing.