Werner Syndrome

A Genetic Disease that Mimics Premature Aging

Useful Information About Werner Syndrome and the WRN Gene:

Werner Syndrome International Registry

This site contains diagnostic criteria for WRN and contact information for a central repository of WS data and research and materials.

Werner Syndrome (WS) is an uncommon, autosomal recessive human genetic disease that mimics premature aging. Patients with WS appear to age rapidly following puberty, and are at increased risk of developing cancer and cardiovascular disease. Symptoms of WS include premature graying and loss of hair, bilateral cataracts, osteoporosis, atherosclerosis, diabetes and scleroderma-like changes and ulceration of the skin.

The WS associated gene has been identified and named WRN.

This website was primarily designed as a resource for clinicians and basic scientists interested in WS medicine and biology.