NWBioSpecimen is a collaborative effort between the University of Washington (UW), Fred Hutch (FH), and Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA) to facilitate access to well-characterized human research biospecimens.

NWBioSpecimen provides researchers with a single point of contact (nwbios@uw.edu) for:

  • Study feasibility assessment and study registration
  • Procurement and distribution of biospecimens and annotation data
  • Tissue microarray (TMA) construction and coring for molecular analysis
  • Histopathology services
  • Quantitative image analysis services of histologic whole slide images (digital slide scanning services are first provided by the HMC Digital Pathology Facility, which creates brightfield histologic whole slide images of glass slides compatible with sophisticated image analysis software)
  • Billing, accounting, and reporting services

Additional information can be found at the NWBioSpecimen website: http://depts.washington.edu/nwbios/

Visit NWBioSpecimen Website

Requesting Archival Pathology Materials

For information on requesting laboratory services using materials from pathology archives (case slides and blocks), please see Requesting Archival Pathology Materials.

Contact Information


Price List

Please contact nwbios@uw.edu for pricing information, including budget estimates for project planning and grant submissions. If you have a UW NetID, you may view the current rates at NWBioSpecimen website.

If you are from outside UW Medicine and need to be billed by invoice, there will be an institutional overhead charge.

Requesting Clinical Services

In the event that a study is clinical (a study that involves the processing of fresh, human tissue obtained from within the medical center and involves results of a research study being inserted into the patient's medical record), please submit your study to the Clinical Research Budgeting and Billing support office and obtain an RRR research study account. Visit the CRBB website for more information.