MLS Undergraduate Program: Apply

Completed applications are due by February 15 for entrance in the following autumn quarter.

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Applying to the Medical Laboratory Science Program

All qualified applicants are considered. Acceptance of applicants depends upon the decision of the Admissions Committee in Medical Laboratory Science.

To be considered for admission, students must have a minimum:

  • 90 credits,
  • 2.00 (4.0 = A) cumulative grade point average, and
  • 2.00 (4.0 = A) science grade point average.

The science grade point average is calculated using only those science and math courses (or equivalents) that are required for the program.

Selection is based primarily upon:

  1. Scholarship (both cumulative and science GPAs are considered with an emphasis on the science GPA. The required prerequisite courses is the science GPA)
  2. Personal qualifications (application essay)
  3. One recommendation form (see application)
  4. Interview

Still have questions? View our FAQs or visit our Program Requirements page.