MLS Undergraduate Program: Apply (Postbac Students)


Instructions for Postbaccalaureate Students (you already have a Bachelor's Degree)

To submit an application for admission, follow these steps:

  1. You must complete and submit the University of Washington Postbac Admissions Application online by February 15. Please note that postbac admissions is competitive, therefore if you have under a 3.0 science GPA, it will be important for you to demonstrate a grade trend showing improvement in your academic career and relevant work experience.
  2. Complete the online UW Medical Laboratory Science Program application for admission. Be sure to thoroughly read and answer all questions as instructed.
  3. Request one online recommendation form be completed by either a professor, college instructor, TA, etc. (see online application for additional details). Send this link directly to your recommender:
  4. Submit official transcripts from all colleges/universities you have attended. Submit transcripts from all colleges/universities you have attended to BOTH the MLS Program and to UW Admissions - two separate sets of transcripts are required. If your school(s) has/have the ability to send transcript(s) electronically, the transcript(s) should be sent to: If not, please have the school(s) mail your transcript(s) to:

Heather Eggleston
UW Medical Laboratory Science Academic Adviser
University of Washington, Department of Laboratory Medicine
1959 Pacific Street NE, Box 357110
Seattle, WA 98195

**It is your responsibility to make sure that the schools have the correct mailing address and that they don't automatically mail your transcripts to UW Admissions, because the MLS Program will never receive them if sent to UW Admissions**