MLS Undergraduate Program: Faculty and Advising

Medical Laboratory Science Faculty

All faculty in the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology are involved in the education of students in the Department, regardless of the level of education. In addition, there are faculty and staff who are directly responsible for this program. They plan and implement the overall curriculum in the Professional Phase of the MLS Program. The MLS faculty members and their teaching responsibilities are as follows:

Program Faculty

Max Louzon, MS, MLS(ASCP)CMSBBCM, Program Director
Foundations/Urinalysis and Body Fluids/Transfusion Medicine/Hematology

Jillian Buchan, MS, PhD, FACMG
Molecular Diagnostics

Lisa Johnson, PhD
Clinical Chemistry/Biochemistry

Ryan Morse, MD

Vera Paulson, MD, PhD
Molecular Diagnostics

Bill Phipps, MD
Clinical Chemistry/Biochemistry

Lynn Stansbury, MD, MPH, MFA, FACP

Hamilton Tsang, MD

Program Staff

Jess Ray, MLS(ASCP)
Lead Student Laboratory Instructor

Heather Eggleston, MEd
Manager of Academic Services

Student Laboratory Instructor

Jiro Ronas, MLS(ASCP)
Student Laboratory Instructor

Laurie Nakamichi
Program Operations Specialist

Contact for Additional Information

If you have any questions or need information about the program, please contact our advisor to answer your questions or to schedule an advising appointment via Zoom or phone.

Tel: 206.598.2162