Andrew N. Hoofnagle, MD, PhD

Head, Division of Chemistry | Director, UWMC Chemistry | Director, Clinical Mass Spectrometry | Director, Analytic Core, Nutrition Obesity Research Center | Assistant Director, Clinical Immunology

Geoffrey S. Baird, MD, PhD

Professor and Chair
Co-Director, Clinical Chemistry Fellowship

Daniel D. Bankson, SM, PhD, MBA

Associate Professor
Head, Specimen Procurement Division | Director, Specimen Processing Services

Jane Dickerson, PhD, DABCC

Clinical Associate Professor
Co-Director, Clinical Chemistry Fellowship

Dina N. Greene, PhD, DABCC

Clinical Associate Professor

Rhona M. Jack, PhD

Clinical Associate Professor Emeritus

Hsuan-Chieh (Joyce) Liao, PhD, DABCC

Assistant Professor
Assistant Director, HMC Chemistry

William S. Phipps, MD

Acting Instructor
Assistant Director, Division of Clinical Chemistry | Assistant Director, Clinical Mass Spectrometry

Joe Rutledge, MD

Professor Emeritus

Anna Scott, PhD

Clinical Assistant Professor

Mark H. Wener, MD

Director, Clinical Immunology

Min Xu, MD, PhD

Clinical Assistant Professor

The Clinical Chemistry Division provides chemistry laboratory services for both Harborview Medical Center, the University of Washington Medical Center and Northwest Hospital. Each Medical Center has a General Clinical Chemistry Section, providing around the clock testing for high volume analytes and those requiring rapid turn-around times. Other chemistry sections (Endocrinology, Special Chemistry, and Toxicology) are located at only one site, with specimens from all hospitals being analyzed in the same facility.

Health Services Managers

Postdoctoral Fellows

  • Alexandria Reinhart, PhD
  • Junyan Shi, MSc, PhD

Diagnostic Testing

Please refer to our critical risk results page and searchable test database for test-related information.


The Clinical Chemistry Division provides training for undergraduate and graduate medical laboratory science students, medical students, Clinical Pathology residents and Clinical Chemistry postdoctoral fellows. Please see the Education section for more information.