NWBioSpecimen: Submit Research Request using inQ NWBioS System (online ticketing interface)

To Submit Research Request using the inQ NWBioS Request System (online ticketing interface):

  1. Go to, https://www.pathology.washington.edu/inq/enduser
  2. Log in with your UW Net ID and password
  3. Select, Northwest BioSpecimen (NWBioS)
  4. You should now be at the screen below. Fill in all required fields and enter an explanation of your request in the Description of Problem/Request area.

  5. Select, Submit Request.
  6. You should now be at the screen below. This page shows a summary of your request and allows you to attach any documents needed to complete your research request.

  7. Documents to attach:
    • Service Request form (filled out completely, including study number, contact info, and budget number - and should have detailed services listed that you want)
    • Signed patient consent if requesting archived diagnostic tissue
    • Sectioning protocol for the destination lab or from study manual (optional)
    • List of cases you want if there are too many to fit on the service form (note on service form, "See attached list of cases")