Forensic Pathology Fellowship

Program Faculty

Richard C. Harruff, MD, PhD
Program Director, Forensic Pathology Fellowship
Chief Medical Examiner

Brian Mazrim, MD
Associate Medical Examiner

Micheline Lubin, MD
Associate Medical Examiner

Nicole Yarid, MD
Associate Medical Examiner

Katherine Taylor, PhD
Forensic Anthropologist


The Forensic Pathology Fellowship is a one-year program based at the King County Medical Examiner’s Office on the campus of Harborview Medical Center, a major training facility for University of Washington Medical Center. The major clinical activity is the performance of forensic autopsies and medicolegal examinations.  The fellow is expected to accompany medicolegal death investigators in scene investigations involving suspicious deaths and homicides.  During the fellowship year the fellow performs at least 200 complete forensic autopsies, which include external examination, photography, radiography, anatomic dissection, microscopic examination, and interpretation of toxicology analysis.  During the year the fellow has the opportunity to present at in-house education conferences, attend courtroom trials, conduct literature reviews based on his o her own cases, and conduct a research project using case materials from the King County Medical Examiner’s office. 1 position/year

Program Goals and Objectives

 Typical Schedule


Applicants are expected to have completed the training required for certification in Anatomic Pathology by the American Board of Pathology.

Stipend & Benefits

Appointment is for one year.  Salary and benefits are determined by the King County Medical Examiner’s Office.

For More Information

Dr. Richard Harruff
King County Medical Examiner’s Office
325 9th Avenue
HMC Box 359792
Seattle, WA  98104

Candidates need to submit electronic documents for their application packet.  We accept .doc, .jpg, .pdf and .tif documents as attachments to our fellowship email address.  Letters of reference can be sent by email attachment as well as long as they are on department letterhead and sent directly from the writer's office email OR administrative office email.  Click the link below for specific information about our requirements and applicable forms.

Please email the address noted below for application and instructions.

We do not accept the APC Standard Application Form

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