Neuropathology Fellowship


Amber Nolan, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor | Director, Neuropathology Fellowship Program

Martin Darvas, PhD

Associate Professor

Luis F. Gonzalez-Cuyar, MD

Associate Professor and Director and Vice Chair of Anatomic Pathology | Medical Director and Chief of Service for Anatomic Pathology, Harborview Medical Center | Director (physician designee), UW Medical Center - Montlake and HMC Histology Laboratory Section | Section Head, Neuromuscular Pathology

Raj P. Kapur, MD, PhD

Professor | Staff Pathologist, Director of Autopsy Service

C. Dirk Keene, MD, PhD

Professor | Service Leader of Neuropathology | Nancy and Buster Alvord Endowed Chair in Neuropathology

Robert E. Mrak, MD, PhD

Clinical Professor

Kathryn P. Scherpelz, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor | Associate Director, Autopsy and After Death Services

Min Shi, PhD

Research Associate Professor

Rebecca A. Yoda, MD

Acting Assistant Professor

Program Description

The Neuropathology Fellowship at University of Washington School of Medicine is a two-year ACGME-accredited training program. Staffed by faculty in the University of Washington Affiliated Hospital system and providing over 400 autopsies and 1,800 neurosurgical specimens each year, the program is designed to provide materials, facilities and experiences in various normal and abnormal aspects of the central and peripheral nervous system, skeletal muscle system and ocular system. The faculty's research interests include cerebrovascular disease, epilepsy, neurotoxicology, neurodegeneration, trauma, and neoplasia. The first year of fellowship offers extensive “hands-on” clinical experience while the second year offers a varied experience when opportunities for extensive protected time for research can be negotiated for suitable trainees. 1 position/year; 2 year program. 


Program Goals and Objectives

 Typical Schedule

Program Aims

  • The UW Neuropathology program is dedicated to recruiting and training diverse future leaders in academic Neuropathology.
  • The UW Neuropathology program is dedicated to providing trainees the tools for achieving clinical excellence across all branches of Neuropathology.
  • The UW Neuropathology program is dedicated to fostering the academic development of trainees with exposure to translational, collaborative, and basic science research so that they are able to find their own career path.


Applicants who have completed Anatomic Pathology residency training are expected to be eligible for certification by the American Board of Pathology. Applicants for combined AP/NP training are expected to meet the requirements for the overall residency program.

Stipend & Benefits

Appointment is for one year and is subject to renewal for a second year. Stipend and benefits are based on the schedule for residents at an equivalent level.

For More Information

Amber Nolan, MD, PhD
Director of Neuropathology Fellowship Program
Harborview Medical Center
Neuropathology, Box 359791
325 Ninth Avenue
Seattle, WA 98104

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